Kill the extremists and we can all live peacefully

Funny how everyone imagines that their imaginary friend is better than yours and wants you to convert to their viewpoint.

If you look at the troublemakers in the World, it’s the extremists who take a literal view of their religious texts who seem to try the hardest to impose their view on others.

The extreme Christians held the Crusades – Catholic sanctioned murder that goes against their 10 commandments.

The extreme ISIS/Whatever it is called this week. Their spiritual leader married a child and raped her. They abhor homosexuals yet see no contradiction with raping men for ‘Sexual emergencies’. The Niquab ‘protects women’ yet stoning women is quite acceptable.

The only Christians who claim to be abiding by the Bible’s teachings are the Amish. Never staged a war, completely tolerant of others and do not seek to impose their viewpoint on others.

The Buddhists – Seek to improve themselves as human beings and have no issue with other viewpoints co-existing.

The Orthodox Jews who demand women not be seated next to them on a plane. Don’t recall reading that in the Bible.

The Muslims claim to be a religion of peace in the newspapers yet their holy text says “Kill the infidels” (Those of a different view). So that’s BS

The Christians also claim the moral high ground yet are happy to kill 1 million Iraqis because they covet their neighbour’s oil and stealing is cheaper and more advantageous that trading and negotiating.

The Bible does not preach killing others or treating women as second class citizens, the Qua-ran does. The reality is they are both vicious killers at the extreme edges of society seeking to advance their ideology for advantage and control.

The majority are happy and content to be fair and reasonable human beings who integrate, tolerate and work together peacefully.

The reality is that the fundamentalists are the problem,not the religion.

So, kill the extremists and we can all live peacefully.