Journalism – what journalism?

You would think that, having got it so wrong on the USA election, having blown a virus on a laptop into a nationwide power threat, having got their fingers burnt to a cinder so many times recently, that the MSM might finally realise what egg on the face tastes like.
But no, the ‘Russian hacking’ saga is proving to anyone with a brain that the MSM is simply redundant. It also proves the ‘Intelligence’ community advising the Presidents are inept at their jobs and completely unaware of their own stupidity. James Clapper’s abiltity to keep a straight face when reading the drivel is outstanding.
This ridiculous ineptitude is a massive danger to the USA because it gives insight into the ‘capability’ of the USA’s intelligence community to the enemy. China now knows that the USA cannot detect hacking (Unless it’s Hollywood’s pirated movies) and cannot interpret the received information in any credible way. That Clapper will open up the USA to ridicule in the face of the enemy is incredible.
Alternatively, it’s the over-promoted minions of the Democrats (Republicans are no better) finally exposed to the world under the glare of the torch bulb of Twitter and Facebook. Minions so stupid, shielded by any oversight or scrutiny. Minions too stupid to exist without the support structure of money for attendance at work, regardless of effort expended.
Australia has the same issues, employees achieving 42% of the job over a decade, employees who have competitions to see who can do the least amount of work. Employees who take 9 months to reply to an email and use low grade scam sites as authoritative sources upon which to build a legal case.
We’re in trouble – the country is run by idiots with no work ethic and no ability to perform even basic reasoning or any comprehension level above the human minimum.
MSM biased in favor of Clinton, now blindly supports ‘Russian hack’ reports – WikiLeaks envoy
The US intelligence report on alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election is uncritically supported by the same media which was biased in favor of Hillary Clinton during the campaign, WikiLeaks associate Craig Murray told RT.

The former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, and a self-proclaimed recipient of Podesta emails, which he said were received from a Democratic Party insider, called the report released on Friday by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence ‘hilarious’ and ‘devoid of evidence.’

“When I saw the report the other night I genuinely believed that was The Daily Mash or some other humorous site that had done a spoof. It seems such a mockery of what we’ve had, which is weeks and weeks of assertion without evidence. And it was so totally devoid of evidence, that I thought it must be a joke,” he told RT.

He added that the report failed to cite any factual evidence “because the assertions it is making are factually untrue.”

Murray believes that the report is full of “illogical assertions built on nothing.”

“The report asserts, for example, that President Putin must have ordered the hacking. It doesn’t say that the hacking of the election or influencing actually happened. But it says: ‘If it happened, he must have ordered it.’ And as evidence, it gives the fact that after the election, Russia did not question the validity of the election process and that it in some way supposes that Putin ordered that the process be hacked. It is nonsense,” Murray explained.

He also lambasted the document for making RT the centerpiece of the alleged Russian effort to undermine American democracy.

“[The report] makes it seem illegitimate and wrong for a media organization to broadcast any information that doesn’t go along with the American government’s wishes. One example is that the report states that RT broadcast a program critical of fracking, and that it proves that RT was setting up to undermine the American economy,” he said.

“That’s an astonishing assertion. There are millions of Americans, who are against fracking! It’s a blatant attack on the freedom of the press and an attempt to limit the area of legitimate debate.”

He criticized Western mainstream media for accepting the report uncritically instead of independently confirming the statements contained in it, like proper journalists are supposed to do. He said this trend was “extremely worrying.”

“They could only put out such a bad report with no evidence to back it up if they were already certain that the mainstream media would report it, support it, and not investigate it,” Murray remarked.

“The trouble is the Western mainstream media have very few journalists anymore. They are just stenographers who type out the neocon narrative and don’t question the official line. Nobody of any intelligence could have read this report and believed it. Almost certainly the MSM journalists, who are supporting the report, have only read some of it at the start and have not actually read through the thing.

“One of the points in the report is that it criticizes RT for saying that the mainstream media were biased in favor of Hillary Clinton during the US presidential election. That’s simply true. It’s like saying ‘the sky is blue.’ There was no doubt whatsoever where the bias laid. And now we see that the same mainstream media’s… coming out to support this report and destabilize the incoming president,” Murray concluded.