The invasion is gaining momentum.

2015 and millions arrived in Europe from the Middle East and Africa.

2016 shows no sign of abatement and the now setled will be pestering to bring families to join them.

Apparently, there are 200 million Africans waiting to invade Europe. The ‘Brave’ are here already, forging a path through for the less adventurous to follow.

Perhaps we are headed back to Medieval days where encampments littered Europe and the UK. ‘Gated communities’ in modern parlance. Trouble with that (as a friend in Thailand found out) is that the guards are locals – who bear the same chip on their shoulder and advise their countrymen when you are out so robbery can commence.

I read a fascinating book – Edward Rutherfurd – Russka. It explained how loyalties were :

  1. To the landowner
  2. To the County
  3. To the State.

In that order. So my prediction is that we’ll end up like Russia where the peasants eke out a communal living, the merchants trade across boundary walls and the oligarchs get richer.