Post Number 1

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…and so begins this experiment. A meandering of my mind, a wander through the past, present and future. Well, that sounds good but how do we wander through the future you ask?

I shall try and explain…………

Though not as well known as Nostradamus by a light year or two, I sometimes seem able to foresee events. Not 9/11 but the Global Financial Crisis. It depends on whether I focus my mind and ponder. There is simply too much activity to think about everything.

I think about Real Estate, the Economy and other topics that intrigue me.

This is my forum for sharing those thoughts. If you like them, that’s great, if not, well there are other websites. I have no intention to debate or discuss these thoughts, there is simply not enough time in my world nor the ability to get through my workload if I stop to chat.

Unfortunately these days most of the comments on blogs are spam, autobot gibberish  or trolls wasting valuable electrons on building the great ocean garbage pile of the internet. When time frees up or the mood changes, we shall see whether the audience likes my imitation Vogon prose. I shall post an email address and include any meaningful discussion that enters via the electronic mail box.

These opinions and thoughts are my own, based on life, the universe and everything.