Hang on a minute Buster!

Think it through :

Note also that Hillary says that Putin interfered against her because he has a grudge against her for her interference in his reelection by fomenting protests against him with the Western-financed Russian NGOs. If what Hillary claims is correct, then any Russian interference, for which proof remains absent, was directed against Hillary in order to settle a score and has nothing to do with any Russian influence over Trump or 200 Internet sites as falsely and maliciously reported by the Washington Post.

So it’s OK for USA to interfere with Asad, Putin, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and attempt to assassinate Castro 638 times. Just don’t you interfere in our hegemony.

Castro once said: “If surviving assassination were an Olympic event, I’d win the gold medal.” His bodyguard Fabian Escalante went back through his records and counted 638 attempts to kill the Cuban leader. Many of them were confirmed in CIA files which were declassified last year.

Apart from Homer Simpson – does ANYONE believe the media in the USA? or are the Democrats delusional?

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