Hackers and the future

In response to a question about the geography of hacking, I wrote :


Ukraine specialises in PhP programming, has lax laws and a population hungry to earn.

Russians specialise in servers. Look on freelancer websites to determine specialities.

China has a lot of cheap labour, Triads and a lot of black market economy money and makes the items for sale.

Personally, I think this is the new reality because Brexit, Middle East conflict etc. leaves a huge population who are anti ‘rules’ and keen to do anything to make money. For example – the Somali pirates a few years ago was a symptom of the USA/UK/Germany dumping medical and radioactive waste in their fishing waters, killing their food source. So piracy syndicates earned money to ‘compensate’. You can’t expect people to just sit there and take it. Given the ease, anonymity and low risk of computing based ‘revenge’ (Versus bank robbery) I am sure you can foretell the future.

The one I worry about is the Swift banking system. Parts run on OS2 and the ATM’s on XP.Can’t update because of risk and can’t run a trial version to test, so the banks sit in fear. Only a spelling mistake saved them from a multi billion loss in India last year. How long before the hackers succeed?