France loves wine, Muslims don’t

Paris, 2015. Charlie Hebdo’s people are shot, apparently by Muslim terrorists.

Several things annoy me here – the automatic assumption that they are terrorists is the first. The recent siege in Sydney by a lone nutter was labelled ‘terrorism’ by the media immediately. No thought, no consideration of the facts but an automatic assumption.

Perhaps it’s to sell papers (after all, ‘Lone gunman’ never sounds as scary as ‘Terrorism’) or, perhaps it’s to sell increasing ‘security’ policies to a docile population. After all, much money has been made by the gun manufacturers and the TSA suppliers of dodgy scanners since then (and no terror events since you will notice!) Some say the lack of events ‘proves’ the TSA works, but it somehow always fails to stop mass shootings at schools by Americans. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Charlie Hebdo had been taunting Muslims for years and they hate blasphemy, so there is a kind of ‘You were asking for it’ element to this. You repeatedly insult someone and wonder why, one day, they snap and hit back.

Of course, 3 people do not represent the Muslim view of the World any more than a politician represents the voters.

I doubt that ‘God’ cares about a few cartoons, especially when Palestinians, Iraquis and devout Filipinos are killed in record numbers. To label this a religious war is stretching the truth to sell more papers.

This is just another group of armed nutters doing someone’s dirty work. If they were the brains behind the operation, they would have committed suicide afterwards instead of running away.

These men were wound up by somebody and sent on a mission.

[EDIT] Well, seems somebody is on the same wavelength – The CIA created the trouble and the Muslim patsies took the fall.

Now, just like magic tricks – the ‘reality’ is happening in the opposite direction to where the finger points. The media will never go against the Government with serious journalism of the Watergate style. Too hard, requires effort and money and dedication. Today’s journalists are to journalism what McDonalds is to fine dining.

War makes the rich people richer and more power in their hands keeps them richer. Don’t want the proles organising another Bastille day do we?

France has 750+ ‘No-go’ areas where Police, citizens and Government have lost control to the Muslims. What better way to introduce unpopular and undemocratic measures to contain the problem than with a little sacrificial killing?

Whilst I did discuss the Muslim takeover here, I do have to wonder at what this constant Islamic battle is supposed to achieve? France loves wine, Muslims don’t. No, it’s all about the powers that be having a ‘visible’ enemy to profit from. If you didn’t know  your hands were dirty, would you know you need hand sanitizer every time you shake hands?

It’s a manufactured need to make the rich richer, plain and simple. We the people (Sounds good but I think somebody already used that line) are but cannon fodder for the wealthy’s games of power, corruption and lies (darn, another recycled line).

Having a convenient enemy for people to focus attention on prevents the populace from seeing the truth – the rich are stripping everything in pursuit of profit. Prices rose in our local stores 20% over the last year – completely ignored by the media, but the propaganda machine is in full swing selling us terrorism.

Millions, nay billions, spent on ‘anti-terror’ equipment and training has produced no result. Schools in USA still have mass shootings with monotonous regularity and Europe still has ‘random’ acts of ‘terror’ to provide the justification for the charge into serfdom that the rich want of us.

[EDIT] A subset of this is the American wish to dictate the rules to everyone else (FATCA, Anti Russian sanctions, War in Iraq etc.). Interestingly, France was recently pushing for an end to sanctions against Russia – ‘Intimidation by the CIA theories’ anyone?

Time was when fear of retribution from an imaginary being kept the great unwashed in line, these days fear is the new weapon to combat the masses desire for equality and a fair deal. Expect more sacrifices on the altar of greed by the high priests of capitalism.