Farewell poor Europe – I remember it well

Sorry Yorick, I mangled your words.

With the ‘Beginning of the end’ upon poor Europe, I turn my thoughts to the ‘Future’ of the places of my childhood and the wonderful times they created in my memory.

With ‘refugees’ and Muslims invading the countries, raping and pillaging, the 2015 version of the Christian Crusades is playing out in reverse.

One Muslim, 4 wives and 30 kids all living off the welfare state is obviously not sustainable. Currently, with an unemployment rate of 10%, 9 people pay for the tenth (unemployed person). Germany has 80 million people supporting 8 million unemployed. With 1m+ refugees that will take at least 8 million more people to support the refugees. Where are those workers? where are the employers? where are the customers for the products made?

Can’t happen. So the alternative is to increase taxes. If a person on benefits gets 25% of the average wage, that’s about $20 billion extra required from 80 million workers. $50 per person per week, not to mention schools, roads, trains – so probably $100-150 per worker.

With cheap labour readily available, companies will exploit this to improve profits (stored offshore of course!). That assumes the ‘refugees’ will work but it will be used as a bargaining chip.

The wanton destruction seen in this video does not suggest grateful refugees integrating well does it?

With their demands for money, free welfare and houses (which even the locals can’t get) and the insistence of caveman level laws they will never be anything but bludgers and troublemakers. That’s why France has 720 no-go areas that are Muslim only – already!.

Paris was nice 40 years ago and I did want to revisit but who needs to be insulted, robbed and attacked for a memory update?

Alas poor Europe – I miss her already.