Facts be damned

You have to wonder at the juvenile reporting in the West. Russia steps up to help the USA in Syria (Achieving more in a month than the USA did in 18 months) and the USA writes a fake narrative that Russia bombed a hospital. Facts be damned.

Now, the annual Civil Defence exercise that started in 2012 has been labelled ‘Preparation for World War 3’. Facts be damned.

Now some dodgy headline wannabe cites Russian political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky (Works for a Chinese think tank National Strategy Institute and a Russian tabloid!) as saying that the alleged evacuation of family members is part of Russia preparing for a big war with the West. The report ties the move with resent civil defence training in Russia, which drew unexpected attention in Britain despite being annual and not out of the ordinary. Stanislav Belkovsky has a history of salacious and attention seeking claims that, you guessed it, fail the truth test. Facts be damned.

Hillary Clinton, when confronted with her crimes, diverts to blaming Russia for leaking her emails. It matters not WHO, it matters what Hillary did, but, facts be damned.

Why the hate on Russia campaign? apart from being the historic cartoon character ‘enemy’, one has to wonder. That there is a concerted effort to disparage Russia from both UK and USA, it would suggest that a blame game is being setup to divert attention from the upcoming truth. It will either be a “Look at Russia” whilst sleight of hand takes place stage right or it will be a “Russia caused it”.

Watch this space.