Faced with the return serve, their bravado expires faster than a burst party balloon.

I received an interesting email the other day that got me thinking.

The email wanted me to atone for past alleged sins and mend fences with someone.

Why now, after 5 years have elapsed, much water passed and the requester and beneficiary both past 60 summers on Earth?

I took off the tinfoil hat and replaced it with my floppy wizard hat that doubles as a Fortune Teller’s headress and pondered.

There is the obvious element of ‘Clearing the decks before Death’ element that needs no further explanation of course, but, underlying that is a deeper motivation.

Of course, there is never any mention of their own behaviours, but a distinct wish to have the recipient’s admissions ‘In writing’ to show the sycophants and relatives how virtuous they are compared to the chosen scapegoat sinner de jour.

The victors always rewrite history portraying themselves in a good light, as do the wealthy (Dare we mention the Vandals – who were actually the preventers of vandalism).

The requester and beneficiary have both made good fortunes, so I had to suspect that motive, the desire to whitewash their own sins and misdemeanours by apportioning blame elsewhere so they may proceed past ‘Go’ and enter Heaven directly without pause at the Customs, Immigration and Border control benches.

By outsourcing the guilt of their own behaviour, they can start afresh with a clean conscience – reminds me of Church goers – Sin all week, offload the guilt and responsibility on Sunday morning and head back to the pillaging renewed and refreshed on Monday.

As an aside – We all define right and wrong to suit our own tastes and chosen boundaries. There really is no right or wrong, just constructs we choose to adhere to as part of the society where we live. Any transgression is deemed ‘Illegal’ and punished.

When the Christians held a Crusade it was to bring Jesus to the World and deemed a good thing. When the Muslims do the same it is terrorism.

Apologize by all means if it provides relief and satisfaction to the recipient and is warranted – it provides ‘Closure’ and allows them to let go their anguish they have held so closely for so long. Just do not allow an apology to be transformed into a whip, wielded in self justification by dishonest oppressors.

Being ‘Over it’ a long time ago, I offered an olive branch, wished them well and requested they also consider their own behaviour before picking up a pen or MacBook and starting to rewrite history with me as the sinner in the dock of a Court convened to cleanse the rich and tar the reputation of the chosen guilty victim.

Of course, their response (and apology) was never forthcoming, as I expected – I called Ladbrokes to lay massive bets on this but they impolitely refused. To recognize one’s shortcomings is never easy, to commit them to paper almost impossible.

Faced with the return serve, their bravado expired faster than a burst party balloon.