Explain that Mohammed

Interesting to see the recent reaction to the refugee crisis in Syria.

The refugees all seem to see the UK and Germany as Utopia (oops, nearly wrote ‘Heaven’ there).

That none aspire to go to the rich Saudi (muslim states) speaks volumes.

The rich Gulf states make it hard for refugees, offering little in the way of legal visas or work opportunities.

The infidels, on the other hand, being good solid ‘Christians’ are extending a welcoming hand despite their own problems at home and from many angles (Unemployment, weaker economies and ‘The Muslim terrorists’, etc.)

Being neither Christian nor Muslim (I follow the George Carlin philosophy) I have no axe to grind. I am not anti-immigration either. Refugees are part of a war driven Government mentality that prefers theft to trade.

The tab for much of these ‘side effects’ should be borne by the USA. They went to the Middle East to steal oil (Operation Iraqi Liberation – Whoops – ‘Freedom’ and Youtube), yet the patsies are paying the price.

“Privatise the Profits and Socialise the Costs” all over again.

So, the Muslims won’t help their ‘Brothers’ but the infidels will – Explain that Mohammed.