Everyone a servant and a tenant

The Reserve Bank of Australia has admitted the country is in trouble, they’ve lowered the rate again to try and stimulate the economy.

People aren’t buying, so lend them cheap money. A fail on so many counts.

Count 1 – How does more debt, and then unproductive interest on top, ‘create’ anything? It creates servitude to the banksters and loan sharks whilst the population buys trinkets from foreign countries.

Count 2 – It will NOT going into productive assets because there are no more willing buyers out there for the products the new machine will create.

Count 3 – Money lending produces a demand slump when the first credit card bill arrives.

Count 4 – You know it’s dishonest accounting again. Just a few years ago it was all austerity talk, now it’s all spend talk. Even an idiot could see the falsity of the message.

Count 4 – Boomer retirees are saving, not spending and the middle classes have been taxed to death and lumbered with mortgages on seriously overpriced real estate.

Count 5 – Gen X and the Millennials are wise to the scam and are not buying into it. They favour substance over style and tiny houses over massive mortgages.

Count 6 – The world consumer markets are on a decline – Demographics show there are less buyers (Gen X and Millennials) than Boomers, so, obviously, there is a smaller pool of consumers in the West.

Count 7 – The end game has commenced – Lumbering fools with debt is the first step to indentured servitude, lower wages and lower living standards.

Count 8 – The famous 10% (of the ‘We are the 90%’ movement) are making good money out of this, ready to buy everything in sight when you are forced to sell at a massive loss in the years to come. Everyone a servant and a tenant is their aim.