Dunkirk in reverse?

You notice the refugees all want to go to UK?

Now, if you are in a war-torn land, you would think you would be glad to be safe – somewhere or anywhere.

But no, they are prepared to walk right through Europe to get to Paris – around 4200 kilometres walk just to get to the UK border in France.

THAT is suspicious for a start.

The overwhelming makeup is of young men in new clothes and shoes with smartphones. No mothers, fathers, wives or kids in sight.

How do they pay their cellphone bills?

Not content with just transiting a country, they leave a trail of rape and destruction behind them.

To get a chance to go to Britain (about 10,000 a year make it).

If they were real refugees, ‘Anywhere’ would be fine.

They all seem well informed for people ‘On the run’.

Makes you wonder whether this is more of a deliberate plan that is well organised.

Dunkirk in reverse on the way?

10,000 per year that the authorities in UK know about. That is 200 per week.

In lorries and cars we are led to believe. They are also coming by boat with hard pressed UK fishermen paid well (by who?). Traitors of course but the disenfranchised long ago lost their loyalty when the politicians and rich listers financially raped them.

How long before the invaders buy their own fleet and guns then stage a Dunkirk in reverse?