DSM – The new WMD

Jargon, jargon.

The widely used Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) was updated in 2013 (just released) and has added lots more ‘Psychiatric diseases’. Among them are these doozies :

As a prime example illustrating just how mislabeling healthy individuals has become so insanely extreme in its malfeasance, if we dare to express concern over what we put inside our bodies by way of food intake in front of the wrong mental health professional, we’re liable to be slapped with a psychiatric disorder that now renders us mentally diseased with orthorexia nervosa (Latin for ‘Concerned about healthy eating’). Moreover, medical schools in North America have been completely taken over by corrupt Big Parma money and psychiatrists have been relegated to becoming nothing less than Big Pharma’s army of label-pushing, drug-pushing whores.

As another absurd example, those of us who still practice critical thinking skills and exhibit nonconforming behavior are increasingly viewed and judged by diagnosticians as mentally ill. “Oppositional Defiant Disorder” is the label attached to anyone who dares to challenge authority or is a free thinker refusing to succumb to the growing pressures to conform to the mindless herd.

I’ll leave you to think on that.