Done deal.

Given that Sweden and Germany are due to officially enter third world status in 10 years or so, why does every immigrant want to head there?

Either it is short term thinking (Quite likely)


Does the ‘someone’ who is funding the migration have a master plan?

The facts :

Everyone wants to get to the UK

50-100,000 are not registered for welfare

Someone is sending them money

They are dressed, have smartphones with credit

They are not starving

Muslims don’t earn enough to afford freeloaders for years

They are well informed

They are well organised

They do not exhibit ‘refugee’ traits like other refugees

So, who is funding them and what is the well organised plan?

Given that it is USA and Russia fighting over the pipeline in Syria and neither want to have the locals as immigrants – Could it be that one of them has decided to sacrifice Europe as the dumping ground?

Given Russia’s display of ‘resolving’ Syria in one month of bombing (embarrassing the US who had done nothing there for 18 months), I’m betting that it is the USA stabbing the UK in the back.

Logistics planning of refugee movement

Dumping problems away from USA

Lack of loyalty (Fought against Germany with France BUT fought WITH Germany against Russia in the last war)

USA always saw Europe as a threat to it’s own world dominance

War is profitable, peace is not.

Conclusion :

Europe goes down to become cheap, educated labour for the USA version 2. Also avoids China or Russia becoming dominant through future trade.  Done deal.

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