Deep State’s Draconian Measures to Criminalize Citizens

January 12, 2016 “Information Clearing House” –   Western federal governments, transnational corporations and the globalist agenda behind them have coalesced its reign of terror into one monolithically centralized authoritarian power that since 9/11 has obliterated centuries old constitutions that in the US all federal, military and law enforcement personnel took sworn oaths to protect and defend. What we now have are power hungry, oath-betraying despots dispersed around the globe who’ve demonstrated by their earthly misdeeds to be out-and-out traitors for failing to comply with both their oath – a criminal US offense in and of itself – as well as their national constitutions. But even more treasonous, they’ve failed to protect and defend their nations and people from enemies both foreign and domestic. But clearly it is they who pose the most dangerous threat to the United States and every other sovereign nation since they’ve only demonstrated that they are in fact the domestic enemy of every betrayed nation’s people. In their bloodthirsty lust for absolute tyrannical control, the international powers-that-shouldn’t-be have been systematically criminalizing every group and person perceived to stand in the way or oppose the traitors’ horrendous abuse of power.

This weekend a Reuters article made the MSM case that a growing number of disgruntled current and former federal employees are unhappy with how the Department of Justice and FBI have not come down hard or quickly enough on the Bundy boys starting with their April 2014 Nevada case when rancher Cliven Bundy refused to pay grazing fees to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The Reuters piece reflects the apparent perception of many government insiders that the feds are only demonstrating weakness by their reluctance and delay to prosecute the guilty that in turn only sends the message to embolden “lawbreaking rightwing militants” personified by the two younger Bundy sons to defiantly act out even more. They believe the lack of response to the 2014 Nevada case has spurred on the Bundy’s and their angry rightwing citizen activists to currently spearhead the rural Oregon standoff where armed protestors have taken over an isolated federal wildlife refuge building.

The Bundy boys and their activist followers have rushed to the aid and support of a father-son duo as the two imprisoned Oregon ranchers who apparently have been unfairly prosecuted and sentenced to five years for alleged arson on federal land. For years it turns out the Oregon ranchers had been cooperating with BLM on mutually controlled fires on their adjacent lands. Several years ago one of the controlled burns that was started to counter a lightening fire from destroying their own home accidentally spread to apparently burn just one acre of BLM property. Swift arrests using an antiterrorism law were made in a thinly veiled effort by feds to grab rancher land. Their punitive 5-year prison sentence turned the two ranchers into persecuted martyrs that the Bundy supporters opportunistically seized upon to rally public attention and support for another round of “individual ranchers’ rights versus the overreaching government 2” or as MSM describes “lawbreaking armed militants versus a restrained government just trying to enforce the letter of the law.”

Meanwhile to show how unjust this Oregon case is, a fire in Alaska started by the US military during a live training exercise against the local fire chief’s recommendation and without seeking BLM permission burned over 85,000 acres of federal land, destroyed multiple buildings, caused many residents to evacuate and endangered their health and lives along with millions of dollars’ worth of damage, yet because it was the military at fault, no prosecutions followed.

The far bigger issue here is that since 9/11 Washington has usurped individual citizen rights and nearly overnight turned the government from a once democratic republic into a fascist totalitarian police state and the oppressed, abused American people are fast reaching the breaking point of armed rebellion, all by carefully plotted federalist/globalist design. The central powers’ sinister game has been to intentionally push fed up Americans over the edge with each passing year its militarized police force continuing to terrorize and murder mounting numbers of unarmed Americans (over a thousand in 2015 alone), launching an all-out war against its own citizens of every political persuasion on both left and right by lumping them together to identify the whole lot as so called “radicalized extremists.” This long awaited, plotted scenario sets the stage for the next major false flag crisis to break out, giving more than ample enough excuse for the feds to use deadly force to quell the citizen uprising and subsequently spread civil disturbance across the nation in order to declare martial law that will readily pave the way toward one world government and ultimately formalize a New World Order slavery over the entire human species on this planet.

This presentation will uncover the methodical layout of increasingly oppressive actions that the US federal government has aggressively pursued in order to demonize and label more and more individuals and groups as part of its growing list of targeted “enemies of the state.” But an identical argument can be made from anywhere within the West because this unfolding story is exactly the same throughout North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and the imperialistically dominated Third World where the very same international crime cabal led by central banks and a handful of globalist families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers have been calling the shots causing Western wars at will and controlling Western history for centuries.

In her insightful historical analysis of “Ten Steps to Close Down an Open Society,” Naomi Wolfcites step #1 to “invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.” Under the ruse of counterterrorism, the West has been busily placing its own citizens in its surveillance crosshairs while under disingenuous humanitarian pretense opening borders to millions of unvetted migratory refugees from war ravaged Middle East and North Africa given free security clearance to enter Western nations as the globalist latest cooked up recipe for untold disaster still to come. In this preplanned, orchestrated insanity, with one fell swoop both internal and external enemies have been effectively invoked.

Shortly after 9/11 the definition of those individuals deemed enemies of the state was limited strictly to “terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.” Then in the ensuing years such nebulous, all-inclusive labels as “belligerents” and “enemy combatants” have most recently given way to the feds’ term currently in favor – “radicalized extremists.” Over the last decade the expanding parameters of who gets targeted as “radicalized” has evolved literally into anyone who in any way opposes the federal government tyranny.

Criminalizing citizens can now be applied to homeowners who choose to grow vegetables and fruits on their own front or backyard property or neighbors who elect to collect rainwater with an open barrel. Increasingly it’s unlawful to conserve rainwater collected on your own land for your own personal use even in such drought-stricken Western states as California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Colorado as well as Florida. Or now being a Good Samaritan desiring tofeed the homeless in a local public park is becoming a lawbreaker in many municipalities.Draconian laws to gain absolute control in Western nations have been steadily proliferating under the phony guise of national security and counterterrorism.

By Joachim Hagopian