The cost benefit of building gallows or guillotines

Well, well, well – As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the rich do fear the great unwashed rising up and severing their heads!

The fears that Barry the Builder is, as we speak, down at the timber yard working out the cost benefit of building gallows or guillotines and pre-ordering the wood were raised at Davos (The city of the 1%).

New Zealand farms are being snapped up by the world’s super-rich as boltholes to escape anger over financial inequality, one of the world’s leading fund managers claims.

Well, of course they are – a land where English is spoken, the politicians simple minded and corruptible and the natives easily managed with sub standard housing, cheap Chinese trinkets and lotteries (sounds like a modern variation on the traditional blankets, beads and muskets to me – except guns can be used against the giver, so now they get lottery tickets)

In a classic statement of the blindingly obvious :

“There is a wicked feedback loop. Politicians who get more money tend to use it to get more even money.”

You don’t say? You mean to tell me, the 1%’ers hadn’t thought about this, their advisors, the economic ‘gurus’ and social policy analysts have only just realised this?. I call this BS spin for the press release to con the masses that “We’ve realised there is a problem, trust us, we’re working on it” whilst, like the magician, the plundering continues apace as your gaze is mis-directed by the master on stage.

“We saw Occupy flare up and then fade like many others like it,” Clark told the Guardian. 

“The problem movements like these have is stickability. The challenge is for them to build structures that are ongoing; to sustain these new voices.”

Now that’s taking the proverbial – “Ha ha, you can’t get organised against us so we’re safe and enjoying your futile attempts at protest. “Here, Harold, look how easily I can divert them – One call to Rupert Murdoch and they will redirect their anger toward the Sun’s removal of page 3 girls and forget how we’ve taken everything they had – want a wager?”

Harry Dent makes a similar case – Well worth a read

So New Zealand is a soft target where the feudal capitalist lifestyle is still revered and the 1% will establish a new colony. Reminds me of a book, the name long forgotten, where the hairdressers and other lowly workers had arrived ‘early’ and were awaiting the imminent arrival of the elite. They, of course, dear readers, had elected to go elsewhere without them. This time, the workers are left behind and the ‘elite’ will train a new bunch of toadies with a compliant NZ Government.