Corporate obscenity writ large

“THREE days after two giant mining dams burst in central Brazil in the largest spill of its kind ever, haphazard rescue efforts struggled to reach remote villages swamped in the deluge of mud, as the death toll rose and criticism of the mining companies mounted.”

Australia’s BHP Billiton caught in an idiotic PR blunder when executives have faced questions about why there was no alarm system set up in the villages that sat below the dams. Company officials said that they used telephones to warn villagers.

Tell me – How many poor people in Brazil can afford a phone?

How many calls to warn these people can BHP make at once in the event of a disaster? (An hour or day later is too late – obviously)

Yet another global corporate avoiding environmentally (and regulatory) compliance and Western standards when working ‘offshore’.

Don’t worry, shares and executive salaries will not suffer and nobody from the corporation will face any jail time. This is normal, business as usual – Pay a backhander, drip crocodile tears for a few TV appearances and throw 100k at the villagers from the company jet on the way home. Mark my words!!

Corporate obscenity writ large yet again.