The Control of the Masses

On an obscure forum, we talked of now and the future – My response:

The rich listers effectively have all the control they need. Any more and we would be robotic liabilities. As long as the masses think they are independent and free, that’s good enough. Mind control via Fox News et al, distractions like the Kardashians and hope in the form of the lottery – enough to keep the masses amused and subservient. After all, they need *someone* to mow the lawns and grow the food without the cost of forced labour. TV is cheap, soldiers are not.

The populous only need to fear a prison – Being in one costs money, so fear is a cheap stick to beat them with.

My daughter was warned “I will count to 3 and then you better watch out – you do NOT want to know what 3 is. There will be no halves, no slow counting – Got it?”

27 years later, neither she nor I know what 3 means. She imagined HER worst nightmare and chose to avoid it. I never had to reach 3 or define it.

*here come the haters* (NOTE: This is factual history, not an opinion of mine)
The Church was used as a cheap alternative to soldiers – it instilled fear at little cost and the Vicar and King were each on a % of the take. The Roman empire failed because it was taking too much resource to grow food for them.

To the haters I say – Look at TRUE Buddhism – a set of teachings distributed far and wide, no temples, no deities, no priests on the take. Yes, there are variations who have warped the teachings to their advantage, such is the nature of greed and the lust for power and control. The bible, in it’s written form, does not require churches and fancy gowns to be relevant. Vested interests warped it into a tool for personal gain. Recall the Gideon’s bibles in hotel rooms? – Ever see or meet a Gideon’s church or vicar?

If you remove hope from a human, they become the most dangerous person imaginable as they have nothing to live for and nothing to lose. The ‘Rich listers’ are already buying farms in far flung places as they expect a revolution, not for eco tourism. They are buying now, so how far away is the revolution? For it to have reached the compliant press implies we are already well down the road.

There is serious wealth imbalance – the top 1% own 50% already.

The Muslims have seen their lands plundered for oil and despoiled with depleted uranium and want a better deal. They have neither hope nor anything to lose (Look how far Iran has regressed in 40 years).

So bringing about the downfall of their tormentors is their last stand. At least they are trying whilst the tyrant’s slaves are kept happy with toys from China, Porn, TV and lotteries.

The Somali Pirates? – Their oceans have been used for illegal dumping of toxic waste by most western countries – So there are no more fish to feed them, so they take to banditry, funded as all pirates have been, by investors who take a share of the profits.

Either the peons fight over the scraps or invent a new society and currency. I suspect the former and hope for the latter.
The rich will run away and find locals to cow into submission for table scraps – It is their way and modus operandi.

Our advantage as IM’ers is we have portable businesses and an independent mindset.

Why are we on this tangent? – So depressing.

In lieu of a potato, here’s a happy sun: