Cartel activity is legal

Cartel activity is legal in New Zealand now. You know New Zealand Рhome to trusts that hide money laundering and oil industry bribes. Governed by an ex Merrill Lynch Merchant Banker, John Key looking after his mates and former clients instead of the population.

‘The NZ Government has backed off a key change to competition law, deciding that cartel activity – where companies or organisations fix prices – will not be a criminal offence.

In a statement Paul Goldsmith, the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs revealed he was stripping criminal sanctions for cartel behaviour currently contained in a the Commerce (Cartels and Other Matters) Amendment Bill.

He said on Tuesday that after a year of consideration he had made an “on balance decision” that the costs of introducing criminal penalties outweighed the benefits.’

The PM John Key is an accountant and merchant banker with $80 million in a ‘blind’ trust.