Brexit BS

“All the kids voted Stay”

64% of those who voted did vote stay. Only 38% voted. So 62% of youth voters did not care.

“The oldies who are about to die sold us out”

The oldies knew life before the European Union. They voted ‘Join’ after many years of consideration. They have more life experience to know what’s best. What does a whiny 20 year old know by comparison?

As one teenager puts it on The Guardians 75 Percent blog: “I am angry and confused and upset – I feel betrayed, and not only by the government who refused to let me vote, but by the older generation who seem to have no concern for my generation’s wishes. This is our future and it certainly doesn’t feel like democracy.”

So, underage to vote, still living in Mummy and Daddy’s house on their money. Know nothing, self entitled kiddies.

2 million regret voting ‘Out’

That’s 2 million who were too stupid to research the options. Tough – I want a redraw on the lottery until I get MY numbers.

“There will be another referendum”

Nope – That was a prank emanating from Prank Central – 4chan