Guilds and the future of employment

Since the Guilds of Stonemasons and Wheelwrights began, skilled and professional people have organised themselves to protect their skillset and control pricing. This has led to a hierarchy in society that has worked very well, providing impetus to acquire skills and improve one’s lot in life. This aspiration has ensured that the investment in acquiring […]

Let the Insanity Commence

Do you know what product the white and browngoods stores sell? (and Apple for that matter). Debt. The BSO’s (Bright Shiny Objects) are endlessly promoted in the media to enslave you to the banksters by promoting debt as the answer to your emotional need to conform to their portrayal of the ideal life. You ‘need’ […]

No Money for Necessities but Plenty for War.

Australia can’t take care of the homeless, tried to sell assets (Was told sternly “NO” by the Public) and now plans to lease these assets for 99 years. BUT, they can afford $600m to send 600 people and 18 aircraft to fight ISIS. Why it takes 600 people to fly 18 planes is yet another […]

and the Winner is…………………….

The winner of the Funniest Person in the World competition is a brown-haired, slightly rotund stand-up comic from Finland who boasts he has hit on the perfect solution to the planet’s international monetary woes. “Countries don’t owe money to each other, countries owe money to banks,” says Ismo Leikola. “If the countries owe money to […]

Post Number 1

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!   …and so begins this experiment. A meandering of my mind, a wander through the past, present and future. Well, that sounds good but how do we wander through the future you ask? I shall try and explain………… Though not […]