Crypto and the Future – As I see it.

For me – The interesting part is where the banks fit in. A mate advises JPMorgan and others. We got talking as he is ex IBM with 50 years service. Setting the scene, not bragging. Keith has solved the time delay in video / audio communications. You know where they cross to the reporter and […]


  The people who see the hoodie and think that’s racist are the real racists because only if you associate monkey with black person, does it gets racist. All the hoodie does is show your inner judgements (black person = monkey) and hold it right in front of you, then people get offended because they […]

The Intolerant Tolerance Police

On their mission to purge the world of thoughts and opinions that don’t slot neatly into their moral agenda and worldview, the increasingly intolerant tolerance police have done some severe damage along the way. We are frequently bombarded with headlines and hand-wringing over meaningless controversies ignited by people who, I’m convinced, wake up in the […]

Are malls closing because retailers chose to sell online, or because consumers rather shop online? Or is it more complicated than that?

  The mall experience has become too generic and the overheads imposed on small retailers has stifled innovation. The big chain stores get a better rental price, and sell high margin jewellery and women’s fashion, so it works for them. For boutique or small businesses, the mall’s charges mean the business owner is working for […]

New Money

Whilst India and many other countries are removing or banning large denomination banknotes on the pretext of preventing crime and money laundering, Russia has embraced new money in the form of a  2000 rouble note. Of course, the action of removing high value notes or introducing ‘New money’ is not to combat tax evasion, but […]

Bitcoin, bubbles and bullshit

The Wall Street banking giant JPMorgan is weighing up whether it could help its clients tap into a potential bitcoin futures market being prepared by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), media reported citing sources. Lets keep it simple. We have been in an era of low interest rates for some years. Risk is not being […]