A bizarre turn of events

“In a bizarre turn of events, Islamic State fighters are now banning women from wearing burkas in security centres in the northern Iraqi city of Monsul and have declared the full-face veils are now a security risk.”

So – the most fervent lunatics think their own headcoverings are a security risk as European lawyers argue they are not.

“MASSIVE crowds of people are dancing on the streets, singing triumphant songs and clapping while they jump.

They’ve just been liberated from more than two years of oppression under Islamic State, and words can’t even begin to describe their joy.

Meanwhile, the people of Manbij in Syria have also been liberated from the terror group.

Women are triumphantly ripping off their niqabs — the black face veil they were forced to wear under IS rule — and burning them on the ground.

Men are cutting each other’s beards off with scissors in rejection of the terror group’s decree ordering all men to stop shaving under sharia law.”

So, the most fervent supporters of Islam hate the veil and compulsory beard?. Wonder why the Muslims overseas are so determined to keep them?

On the same note – a hairdresser in Norway is being taken to court for refusing to serve women with headcoverings.

The hairdresser defended her actions, which garnered national media attention, afterwards on Facebook. “I refused to take two hijab-clad ladies in my salon. Do not want evil through the doors where I can decide. Lawful? Maybe not. But we still have freedom of speech?” she posted.

Hodne told Norwegian channel TV 2 that Islam is “evil”, comparing the hijab as a symbol to the Nazi swastika. She also claimed that she would be discriminating against her male customers if she had to ask them to leave because the hijab clad woman could not show her hair in front of them while at the salon.

“She also stated in a previous post that she doesn’t have customers with “totalitarian symbols like hijab, the ku klux klan outfit or Nazi symbol. And it should be [taken] for granted, without having to write it on the door!”

So, Ku Klux Klan outfit is illegal, the Nazi symbol is outlawed, Australia has banned bikie regalia yet the symbol of the terrorists is acceptable?

How many people did the KKK kill before their outfit was outlawed? How many people did the bikies kill? Yet thousands die at the hands of fanatic Muslims who call themself IS and people defend their uniform?

Why do the immigrants refuse to dress appropriately for the country of residence and insist on dragging their outmoded ‘culture’ into a situation of  deliberate conflict when so many who live in Islamic places under Islamic rule want rid of the uniform?

Answers on a postcard.