The best way of finding 1000 customers?

Working for nothing as someone suggested here, is the WORST thing you could do.

It says that you do not value your own skills and nobody else should value them either.
How can you build a business when you give away your skills? STUPID!
You need to:
Identify the business need
Identify the cost/benefit you can provide to the business owner
Create a plan to deliver that benefit
Convey the ‘Value add / Cost save’ that YOU can bring to the business owner
Work on getting 10 clients, sourced at one per month
DELIVER what you promised – On time!
Measure the benefits you have brought to business number 1
Repeat for business 2 and quote the benefits you have brought to business 1
This builds reputation.
By all means use a ‘Free 1 hour business consult’ to identify people you can help and work with.
1000 customers = 1000 headaches, 5000 support calls and a project management nightmare.
Quality clients equals better billing rates, longer client retention and a good reputation.
Unless you are running an Asian sweatshop with a churn and burn philosophy, in which case I’d advise spamming.
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