Best offer takes it

So now it’s your fault they lost your money.

Can’t you see the headlines now? Bank stole my money, can’t afford the Rolls Royce – best offer takes it.

Obviously you and I are unaffected as we are poor, but you have to feel the fear and trembling in the ranks of the middle and upper classes.

No more messy bail ins, just dip your hand in the till and take what you want with no fear of messy lawsuits.

Could be an opportunity for those seeking an employer ‘with benefits’. Empty the till on the way home from a ‘hard’ day’s work and head for a travel agent – safe in the knowledge you are immune from prosecution.

Invest in home safe companies now!

Perhaps Bitcoin and others will become the future – Their security is no worse than the Swift system after all.

Britains who use online banking services vulnerable to criminal hackers could be made liable for financial losses stemming from theft, as intelligence officials, central bankers and Downing Street seek to shirk responsibility.

The potential policy shift could see firms or individuals with poor online security left without compensation if their bank accounts are hacked. Customers vulnerable to hacking could also be locked out of vital online banking services under the proposals, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday.