Best of luck trying to stuff that idea back in the bottle.

The USA election, Brexit (or is it Bremain?) Whatever – gets you thinking.

On the superficial Women’s magazine level it’s as exciting as what’s for dinner?

We all know the reality – ‘We’ will not get honest politicians, democracy for the masses, fair representation, honest bankers, fair taxation or World peace. We will get more of the trickle up theory as we all get poorer and the 1% get more obscenely richer.

Where does it end?

Well, not in the expected TV Series way but in a variety of most interesting Dr Who style ways.

Torrenting is somewhere to start. The great unwashed masses have learned how to take what they want, regardless of Hollywood’s wishes to control who sees what and when. Best of luck trying to stuff that idea back in the bottle.

The cash and barter economy is on the rise as the second incarnation of Hippies head for the farmland to opt out. No drug addled escapism but strong, practical ideology based on sustainability this time.

The youth are not buying in to the ‘Get a car, a haircut, a job and a mortgage’. No Sireee, they will happily live in a tent rather than a mortgage. They will use public transport and avoid the expense of a car (No wonder Toyota are worried there are no future generations of aspirational kids following parents into car ownership)

Working online – a concept being embraced globally. The unintended effect of this is a lower tax take and less control over the workers.

Teaching foreigners to speak English, consulting and ‘Gigs’ on freelance websites replace doing some babysitting or laundry for a neighbour.

Tree changes – new farming ventures outside the grubby grasp of politicians and Government employees. Farmers markets and direct sales.

Bitcoin – the currency that captured the World’s imagination. No banksters involved.

Clinton can’t send an email – we can torrent, 3d print and work virtually. We have the upper hand over the aged controllers. How are you going to prevent the alternative progress we can make?

Kim Dotcom, Edward Snowdon, Julian Assange – all working hard to break open the scam in any way they can. Herald a new paradigm of disobedience done carefully. Changing the system from the outside through quiet, subtle explosions that undermine the control of the 1% and shine light on the corrupt so that we may choose another way.

Helping us discover alternatives to the status quo that are controlled by us, not the 1%.

A hopeful, self controlled destiny outside the political death spiral in the city apartments and latte houses of the financially and mentally entombed middle classes Рtoo scared to leave, too naive to believe in themselves and too blinded by 1984 style media messages to do anything but acquiesce to their masters whims.

Can’t wait to overthrow the last generation of scammers and banksters.