A good laugh

Remember one HRC who installed a home email server?

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton accused WikiLeaks, which released emails and documents hacked from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta and the Democratic National Convention, of working with Moscow.

According to Clinton, the Russian president “let loose cyber attackers to hack into [US] government files, to hack into personal files, hack into the Democratic National Committee.”

She also accused the Republican candidate Donald Trump of being actively supported by the Kremlin and promised to defend the citizens of this country [the US] and the Russians need to understand that.

I heard that Vladimir fell off his chair laughing.

She who cannot follow security protocol and insists on bypassing security with her Blackberry cellphone and home email server, can’t stop the Podesta emails leaking, can’t stop discovery of secret FBI deals to avoid facing treason charges, ad nauseum, plans to defend the citizens of the USA from Russia.

Talk about making yourself an easy target then whining when you get caught. Certainly not someone I would trust to lock the front door, far less manage to keep the nuclear launch codes safe.

Same Hillary who never dodged a bullet in her life in the red carpet Benghazi ‘rescue’.

Maybe she will hire some schoolkids who can play CS:GO. That’s all the USA can afford. Problem is, the grand kids don’t want endless real war – they are happy with the Silicon Valley version.