IMF & World Bank – A criminal’s best friend

“The disappearance of over $1 billion from three national banks in a last year’s fraud, has led to the weakening of the local currency, the leu, and a rise in prices in Moldova. In September, the central bank chief had to resign: Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe, and the money which disappeared into offshore accounts meant that $1bn totaled nearly one eighth of gross domestic output, and was later partially compensated with support from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.” RT News

Politicians and banksters stealing money is not a new thing, however, the part that winds me up is “disappeared into offshore accounts”. So they know where it has gone and whose account it went into. BUT, the thief isn’t named and there’s been no effort to retrieve the money.

I wonder how much it costs to have friends who can ‘bury the body’ that well?

So the IMF and World Bank took what little security the country has and any income producing assets (Probably water and the lottery – that’s the favourites – See Greece and Spain) and the criminal walks into the sunset, aided and abetted by friends at the IMF and World Bank.

Just what kind of an organisation replaces stolen money with other people’s cash rather than investigate the crime and demand reparation?