50% of all renters can’t pay the rent

The real cost of the trickle down theory – More proof that it simply does not work. In New Zealand this week :

“The Government subsidises half of all rentals right across New Zealand. So we get to see the hard edge of the housing market,” English said.

50% of all renters require Government assistance to pay the rent. The ‘Dole’ is too low and ‘Minimum wages’ don’t pay the bills.

LONG overdue that international corporations and the local rich started contributing to the economy instead of being leeches. So what if the leave the country? (The usual refrain we hear all too often). They are contributing nothing.

Throw the likes of Coca Cola out and let a local business flourish. If you or I didn’t pay our taxes we’d be in jail quick smart but if you are a corporation – No responsibilities whatsoever and no repercussions (Unlike – 3 Cheers for – Iceland) – Simply not acceptable any more.