Police here only to protect USA G.o.T profits

Just in case you thought the Police are there to protect you (Surely you don’t believe the propaganda do you?)

From the news comes this article which I repost so you get the punchline – and the fact that someone else out there ‘Gets it’

CELEBRITY chef Colin Fassnidge went to the police after a social media user began sending creepy messages about his two preschool aged daughters.

But the My Kitchen Rules judge was shocked to find they were powerless to act.

Fassnidge said that he recently approached police about an unsavoury tweet which referenced his four and five year-old daughters.

He said he was not impressed with their initial reaction and it was only after he took the officer’s name down did he get a reasonable response.

“I had a guy say he would babysit my kids in a roundabout way and I went to the police and asked what they were going to do about it,” Fassnidge said.

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“The police offer said `he didn’t say he was going to molest them’ … and there was nothing he could do. I took his name down and said if I find him I am going to harm him and I just want to know who I told so you have a record of it.

“They (the police) looked in to it, but basically you have to find the person and where they are.” Fassnidge said it would have been a different response from the police if Tony Abbott had received the same tweet about two of his daughters.

He said the police would have tracked down the person hiding behind the Twitter account and paid him a visit.

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“There are a lot of sick people out there and the police have said to me, that the law is so far behind,” Fassnidge said.

“But if it was Tony Abbott they’d find out who it was.” Fassnidge said the amount of vitriol and abuse spewed out on social media was out of control.

He said he gets well paid for his role on MKR and can handle the trolls but instructed all the MKR contestants not to read social media sites.

“You can slag me off for being the worst cook in the world, my restaurants are shit and you hate my hair, but leave my kids and the contestants out of it,” he said.

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The Irishman said the death of celebrity Charlotte Dawson was an example of how social media trolls can get the better of people and the government was not on top of the situation.

He said it’s time for the government to act and pull the trolls in to line.

“Police say there is nothing you can do and it’s so out of order,” he said.

“They have an IP address, so they should be able to track these people down.”

“YES – We CAN find you if you are downloading Game of Thrones but we can’t find you any other time unless the USA tells us to.”

Guess who is running Australia?

and who benefits?