Chaplin and the American Dream

December 12, 2016 Santiago, Chile One of the best books I’ve ever read is the autobiography of Charlie Chaplin. That’s probably not what you were expecting. But it’s true. Chaplin’s book is a remarkable story of his impoverished childhood in England, subsequent migration to America, and rise to wealth and worldwide stardom. Chaplin lived the […]

But why?

I can understand people selling fake Rolexes and copying successful products instead of innovating. Makes sense. But WHY would you do this? “There is also a Shenzhen Trump Industrial Co that produces toilets and toilet seats and says it has nothing to do with the incoming US president. “Donald Trump is only one of many […]

Icelanders are not stupid

You will not read this in your usual paper, so here it is. The US sent a “planeload of FBI agents” to Iceland in 2011 to frame WikiLeaks and its co-founder Julian Assange, according to a former Icelandic minister of interior, who refused them any cooperation and asked them to cease their activities. In June […]

Media influence

“Media influence appears to have played an important role, with voters more likely to “follow the position” of the newspaper they read than the political party they identified with. For example, 70 percent of Sun and Express readers voted Leave, while just 9 percent of Guardian readers chose Brexit.” So the main stream media owners […]