Facts be damned

You have to wonder at the juvenile reporting in the West. Russia steps up to help the USA in Syria (Achieving more in a month than the USA did in 18 months) and the USA writes a fake narrative that Russia bombed a hospital. Facts be damned. Now, the annual Civil Defence exercise that started […]

Timely reminder

Remember, German banks are the envy of the World, well funded, well respected sober guardians of the Euro. Or so we are led to believe. Now, compare any other bank’s public image to that of the German banks. They don’t look as good, that’s for sure. Now – if this is the situation with the […]

How does it feel to work at scam companies?

An interesting question at Quora. My reply : I’ve not worked in or for scam companies but met a few. Some people are so desperate, they will say yes to anything to put food on the table. They do as they are asked in order to survive. When survival counts, there are no ethics (a […]