Trump talk

A lot of emphasis on Trump’s ‘Locker room’ talk this week. Personally, I’ve witnessed women doing the same thing,but we’re not debating the rights or wrongs. Two stories came out about the same time : Hilary Clinton lied to the FBI and they covered up her lies to avoid prosecuting her for security breaches caused […]

World bank euphemisms

One point for the admission : World Bank admits globalization leads to inequality According to an internal memo from the Washington-based organization seen by the British broadcaster BBC, the side effects “may have led to rising wage inequality.” The document, written by World Bank economists, says “trade has played a powerful role in creating jobs and […]

The Aid Scam

In a report, ProPublica revealed that the American Red Cross basically raised half a billion dollars to aid Haiti after it was devastated by a monster 7.0 earthquake in 2010. It had only built six houses out of the promised 700 by 2013. After super Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines last November, foreign governments and […]