Another nice mess

We are in a low inflation cycle that looks set to last a long time. Sounds great – except it means no pay rises and businesses have little chance of increasing prices, so their margins are fixed. Fixed margins means no new machinery investment means no productivity gains means no ability to fight or outwit […]

FBI actually admits the anthrax attacks were an inside job.

It might be the most under-reported story of the (Fake) War on Terror. Unlike 9/11,  the FBI actually admits the post-9/11 anthrax attacks were an inside job. Chilling when you realized that it was the anthrax attacks and not 9/11 that made the passage of the Patriot Act and  the invasion of Iraq possible. Mind […]

Bank Security – LOL

Banks are compromising the security of millions of bank customers by failing to address the growing threat of cyber-attacks, a prominent MP has warned. In a letter published last week, Andrew Tyrie, who heads the Treasury Committee, called for “vigorous action” from both regulators and banks to remedy cyber security weaknesses within the sector. “Bearing […]