Sugar industry blamed fat in fake studies

Sugar cane is harvested © Enrique de la Osa / Reuters The sugar industry paid Harvard researchers in the 1960s to bury research linking sugar intake to heart disease and to instead make fat the culprit, according to a study of archival documents. “These internal documents show that the Sugar Research Foundation initiated coronary heart […]

Cloak of invisibility

In the news last week was an article on recruiting Muslims into the UK Police force and allowing them to wear the burka when policing. Now, on one hand that makes a complete mockery of the uniform and prevents people identifying a person to report a crime to or call to for help when in […]

How to Argue Like a Philosopher

By ‘Socrates’ Despite popular opinion, screaming at one another is not arguing. Well, at least it’s not what arguing should be. All of the talking heads and political pundits you see on the television may claim to be ‘engaging in a civilised discourse’, but they’re not. Arguing is not meant to be a shouting match […]

Done deal.

Given that Sweden and Germany are due to officially enter third world status in 10 years or so, why does every immigrant want to head there? Either it is short term thinking (Quite likely) OR Does the ‘someone’ who is funding the migration have a master plan? The facts : Everyone wants to get to […]