TTIP and taxes

Apple is kicking and screaming about the €13 billion fine for unpaid taxes in Ireland. They paid 1% on EU profits in 2003 down to 0.005 percent in 2014. The European Union Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager is making inroads into tax collection from International companies (Not just American ones). Davide Serra, CEO and founder of Algebris Investments wrote […]

For FOUR years, Germany allowed paedophiles to reside openly

A government report from 2012 revealed that more than half of all Muslim marriages in Germany involve a bride under 18. More than one million refugees moved to Germany in 2015 under Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door policy, and the country is expecting an estimated 300,000 new refugees this year. Some 1,475 minor refugees, mostly […]

Terminal cancer traps

The war in Iraq used DU weaponry (Depleted Uranium), leaving Iraq uninhabitable for 50,000 years. The Iraqi’s who remain have no choice – their farmland, aquifers and buildings are contaminated with nuclear waste products. Now, the weapons industry hasn’t suddenly gone ‘Environmentally friendly’, so the same munitions are being used in Syria. OK, so why […]

It’s all an illusion

Yesterday we talked about how the banking system is MUCH riskier than most people are led to believe. And there is a growing chorus of high ranking regulators and officials saying the same thing, ranging from the Vice Chairman of the FDIC to former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers. I compared the banking system to […]

Grab, Snatch and Take

You have to marvel at the stupidity in Parliaments worldwide. From North Korea, the Circus-USA to Australia. Old, stupid people completely clueless trying to money grab bags of thin air. From as early as July 2017, Australians may find themselves unable to access the websites of a number of their favourite overseas stores under a […]