Spot the problem

What is wrong in this photograph? Give up? ONE  person has their face covered. Now why would that be? Somebody from ‘the Old Country’ might recognise them on TV They have more than one ID for claiming multiple welfare payments. The chances of someone from ‘Home’ seeing them and finding them are pretty remote and […]

There’s only one bank

Do NOT say you didn’t know. By all means verify everything, but DO take some action unless you like staying in the pot as it boils like the famous boiling frog anecdote. A team of Swiss economists recently conducted a vast study of all the world’s financial institutions and how they interact. Surprise…or many it’s […]

Discipline is called for.

Lately we’ve  seen : Banning of  ‘Burquinis’ Banning of Niquabs Banning of  ‘Blackface’ in traditional Morris dancing and many other ‘Politically correct’ decisions. Now, is this ‘Correct’ or just pandering  to pressure groups out of some sense of guilt? Whilst it sounds reasonable, it comes at the expense of tradition and culture. If we allow […]

Moral bail-in required

“The World Bank has two ambitious goals: End extreme poverty within a generation and boost shared prosperity.” By any measure, they’ve failed. Time for the 1% to accept a morality bail-in from those they’ve stiffed.