NEVER trust a bank to be honest.

The head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, will stand trial over a state payout to the French tycoon Bernard Tapie, an appeals court has ruled. She is charged with negligence over the award to Mr Tapie of €404m ($445m; £339m) in 2008 when she was France’s economy minister. The case stems from Mr […]

USA ‘didn’t really study’

USA ‘didn’t really study’ impact of toxic chemicals when allowing offshore fracking – activist The Florida Environmental Regulation Commission (ERC) is set to vote on new environmental standards that would allow heightened levels of toxins and carcinogens into state drinking water sources. The rule is being pushed by major industries. The ERC, a governor-appointed body, […]

Just WHO should we suspicious of?

Following the recent terror attacks in Germany in which ‘Islam’ and ‘refugees’ were involved in three out of four of, people keep wondering “Who is next?”. General fear in the populace (of course) that is with them 24/7 has risen to extreme levels,  as you would expect. Germany’s federal minister of interior, Thomas de Maiziere, tried […]