Best of luck trying to stuff that idea back in the bottle.

The USA election, Brexit (or is it Bremain?) Whatever – gets you thinking. On the superficial Women’s magazine level it’s as exciting as what’s for dinner? We all know the reality – ‘We’ will not get honest politicians, democracy for the masses, fair representation, honest bankers, fair taxation or World peace. We will get more […]


Let’s keep it very simple. The Earth is like a giant porous ball. Rain comes down, filters through the ground and ends up in aquifers and streams. Cows urinate in a field and a diluted version ends up in the rivers. That’s porous at work. Now, under the soil is compressed soil (rock). There are […]

Excellent sportsmanship – So wonderful to see

Iceland firm offers England team free whale-watching trip to soothe ‘upcoming loss’ at Euro 2016 Iceland’s historic progress to the knockout stages of Euro 2016 has boosted the small nation’s confidence, to the point that an Icelandic holiday firm has offered free tickets for a whale-watching day-trip to the tournament’s “next losers” – England. Iceland […]

The Secret Meeting That Accelerated the War on Cash

Nick Giambruno: There’s an annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Leaders in business, government, media, and even some celebrities go to these events to discuss the big issues of the day. This conference happens every year in the open. But this year, I think a secret meeting took place during the conference behind the […]