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Mortgage rates may rise as a result of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. Bank economists in New Zealand expect the cost of bank funding to rise as a result of the uncertainties over the Brexit. In times of uncertainty, investors demand a higher “risk premium” for lending their money, ASB economist Nick Tuffley said. What […]

The Aussie reaction

The Aussie reaction : REA Group chief economist Nerida Conisbee said the uncertainty which emerged (from Brexit) could impact on the commercial property market in Australia. Ms Conisbee said Australia tended to attract a lot of global capital for commercial property and, in many cases, would usually be competing with locations within Europe for this […]

10 seconds in

10 seconds into Brexit and the Aussie banks are screwing their customers. Customers rightly want THEIR funds when travelling. NO says NAB and CommBank – we might lose on the exchange rate. We’ll let you know next week if you can have your money. Do note – It is RETAIL banking they are suspending, so […]

UK will be better but worse.

The zillion dollar question. UK will be better but worse. Better from no immigrants ex-France and Germany and no requirement to pay toward them (IN theory, because they have 2 years to get out and may have to hurry to avoid upcoming bills) Better because their currency has dropped so they are more competitive in […]