Free range humans

Small Melbourne apartments are referred to as ”dog boxes”. Photo: Christopher Furlong The Free Range Farmers Association reckon you need to have a stocking density limit of 750 hens per hectare (10,000m²). To call your eggs ‘Free range’. Thats 13m² per hen. So, as the earnest among us campaign for no caged chickens, how do we […]

It’s officially a bad idea (Told you so)

The British government’s sole assessment of the shadowy Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) deal indicates there are “lots of risks and no benefit,” according to documents seen by Global Justice Now. The BIS reported that the only assessment had been carried out by the London School of Economics (LSE), which found “little reason” to […]

I wonder why?

I wonder if this is a ‘hidden in plain sight’ bail-in or just grabbing the last dollar from the last sucker. The annual percentage yield of 0.7 per cent that is five times more than the national average – Why pay so much more? for a bunch of banksters, generosity is an unknown word, so there […]


NO, not the kind when you sit in water too long.  Reading the article, got me thinking – when someone shoplifts a pen it’s trivial and affordable by a business, It’s factored into the accounts as shrinkage. But what happens when someone steal everything? You can insure most things and the insurer can afford your […]

What the Anzacs missed

The Anzac leaders got blind sided in the TPP/TTIP negotiations. Instead of using common sense and joining with Europe in a common interest standpoint, they thought they were being oh so smart and signing before Europe. Obviously, by picking off the weakest first, USA has tried to undermine Europe’s negotiating position. Sun Tzu‘s Art of […]