The Hitman

Today’s world is run by a secret global Empire who employ ‘Economic hitmen’. Predatory capitalism, the system we have now, has created an unjust, unsustainable, unequal and unstable world for human beings. As John Perkins notes, under world development directed by predatory capitalism the ‘economic hitman’ is tasked: 1. To identify a country’s resources that both […]

Sadly it won’t happen

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, fresh from his upset win in Michigan, received an unexpected endorsement from a real-life symbol of Wall Street greed. Asher Edelman, who inspired the Gordon “greed is good” Gekko character in Oliver Stone’s Wall Streetfilms, was asked who he supported for president on CNBC’s Fast Money program. “Bernie Sanders, no […]

‘That’s horse sh*t!’

FBI can already unlock iPhone without Apple’s help – Snowden NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden said that the FBI’s claim to need Apple to unlock the iPhone a San Bernardino shooter is a sham. The FBI says that only Apple has the ability to crack the work phone left behind by the San Bernardino terrorists, and […]

A free meal, a secret stash of cash and a hooker

Too important to miss. As discussed here and here. Europe and all the other countries who fell for TTIP or whatever it was called in your country were sold down the river by their politicians who got a free meal, a secret stash of cash and a hooker in exchange for your future. Trade, historically, was always […]

The ultimate Ninja loan

German newspaper Der Spiegel reported yesterday that the Bavarian Banking Association has recommended that its member banks start stockpiling PHYSICAL CASH.  My view on the article : Stockpiling cash decreases purchasing which implodes the economy. People also start hoarding (more) cash. The barter system rises – and the tax take shrinks to the point where income […]