How is that possible you might ask?

Banks are about to get even worse… How is that possible you might ask? After the 2008 Wall Street-created financial system collapse, laws protecting depositors were radically weakened. Here’s what it boils down to: The next time the banks fail (and count on it, they will fail again), instead of bailouts banks will be allowed […]

Incompetency among staff

Being the victim of this in Australia – I can tell you it exists everywhere. Just why it took a career civil servant so long to recognize it is a good question. I have been waiting three and a half years for a civil servant to perform an 8 week job! Here they get an […]

Reality seeps into mainstream news

Sluggish global growth threatens to keep governments around the world from being able to pay pensions and bondholders, the chief economist of the Organization for Economic Co-operation warns.   When growth is weak, governments collect less revenue and struggle to pay pensioners and to meet all their debt payments.  Are you listening USA? “These kinds […]

Yet more layers of corruption within corruption

Interesting whose  names have  been left off the list. Can’t tell me this is the complete list. So some companies have paid off the media to omit their names from the public version of the story. Yet more layers of corruption within corruption. Queensland was paying 20-30  cents per litre more than Sydney for petrol […]

White House meals are organic

Reports indicate White House meals are organic. What they want the rest of America to eat is another story altogether. The United States’ first families continue getting wholesome pesticide/GMO-free foods while promoting GMO/pesticide-laced foods, hazardous to human health, for Monsanto and other biotech giants. Isn’t it time our elected leaders and their families do something […]


The invasion is gaining momentum. 2015 and millions arrived in Europe from the Middle East and Africa. 2016 shows no sign of abatement and the now setled will be pestering to bring families to join them. Apparently, there are 200 million Africans waiting to invade Europe. The ‘Brave’ are here already, forging a path through […]

Unless a new Hitler came to power

“It was the fault of domestic conditions. He railed against the Belgian government – against white Belgians, who hated those of Arab descent, he said. And he would repeat “there is no democracy here” – a feeling that you can’t express any view dissenting from the mainstream without being labelled extreme.” Who, but a Muslim, […]

TTIP – Disaster for members

Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize for Economics and Professor School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Columbia University. © Victor Ruiz Garcia / Reuters 2.5K Britain would be better off leaving the European Union (EU) if the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is implemented, Nobel-prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz has said. Stiglitz made the remark at […]