Andrew Robb – Fool

Trade Minister Andrew Robb is confident the Australian government won’t be sued under investor-state dispute clauses in the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. “The Philip Morris tobacco company is currently suing the Australian government over its tobacco plain packaging legislation, using an obscure 1993 Hong Kong- Australia investment treaty. Philip Morris is actually a US-based company, but […]

The good being extraordinary?

Saw an article on a truck crash where a young man had saved the driver before the truck caught fire and would have killed the trapped driver. All good stuff. Thing that got me was the massive outpouring from the media about how good the guy was and how extraordinary his actions were. Since when […]

The way of the pedophile

Always good for stirring up the emotions, children make great fodder for the newspapers. Out come the tissues and cries of ‘Do something’. But hang on, where are the parents? Why did irresponsible parents drag their kids on a refugee trek to ‘somewhere’. Did they come as a family, or were the kids just useful bargaining chips? […]