Is Amazon good?

An interesting discussion on Quora : Is Amazon good for the online market? Does it crowd out smaller businesses or does it stimulate the online economy? There is an argument that Walmart helps small businesses. There is a competing argument that it crowds out small businesses by undercutting them to a point where they can’t […]

120 Billion pounds of positive news

“One in five students in England leaves university with only a rudimentary command of basic skills such as reading instructions on an aspirin bottle or estimating how much petrol is left in their tank, a study suggests.” So why did they go to University? Elementary Dear Watson – To get a Student Loan! How so […]

Should we send bottled water to Flint

The lead contamination crisis in Flint has resulted in a tidal wave of bottled water being shipped to the state to provide emergency drinking water for residents. Tonight, Flint’s most famous resident, Michael Moore, pleaded with the world: Please, do not send any more bottled water. After a town hall with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, the […]

Tiny Houses and Karma

We’ve all seen them and the picture perfect existence they extol. With a looming financial crisis, lack of retirement savings by both Government and individuals as well as a general apathy by the youngsters to buy cars and houses (preferring experiences, travel and a more modest lifestyle due to things like job uncertainty etc.) it got […]

‘Putting public at risk’

Central to TTIP is an Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), which will allow corporations to sue foreign governments if they introduce policies that undermine the companies’ profits. A controversial tool in international law, the mechanism has led to mammoth pay-outs from governments, as corporations wage legal battles against states. In one particularly controversial example, US […]

Can the Millennials save us?

When the Global Financial Crisis hit, people like the Washington Post reported that Iceland was destined to experience a collapse. When it did, it did so in dramatic style. The country’s three big banks defaulted and austerity measures were quickly introduced. Capital controls meant there were limits on how much money people could withdraw. The government […]