Rounding up the year

NOT my own work but they do make many similar points.   With 2015 coming to a close, RT’s premier comedy news show takes a long, hard, Redacted Tonight look at the people, corporations and government agencies that have made themselves one big, unfunny joke over the course of the year. Here they are, in […]

For those who perhaps don’t understand

For those who perhaps don’t understand : All war is bad, but, since time began, people have robbed and stolen from others Almost all religions have bad people and bad laws and are frequently manipulated by politics and state interests I am not anti any religion but when religion is the common denominator – it […]

The ‘Other side’

Will the CAR and Muslim ‘refugees’ (Criminals both) ever return to their homeland when the war is over? NO. Because they have found Nirvana – a land with free money from the white workers, free houses and no work requirement. Because their homelands are corrupt, barren and lacking in basic infrastructure. Because, being without skills, […]

Architectural vandalism

  The Muslim Caliphate hates any ‘History’ other than their own ignorant version. That Palmyra has been destroyed and sold piecemeal is reason enough to be livid but to think that Europe’s treasures will be next is simply unbearable. The Muslims respect nobody. Any human is but a future suicide bomber,  baby making machine or […]

Farewell poor Europe – I remember it well

Sorry Yorick, I mangled your words. With the ‘Beginning of the end’ upon poor Europe, I turn my thoughts to the ‘Future’ of the places of my childhood and the wonderful times they created in my memory. With ‘refugees’ and Muslims invading the countries, raping and pillaging, the 2015 version of the Christian Crusades is […]