The latest land and money grab is all but in place, ready for the rich to get richer. Australia and New Zealand caved in with no actual ‘In the streets’ protests – just columnist mutterings. Good on the people of Brussels – 180,000 people and at least 600 got out of bed to protest. Unlike […]

The future of wealth and money

So much of the world remains relatively poor that it has taken a net worth of just $US3210 (NZ$4702) this year to be among the wealthiest half of all world citizens, according to Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth Report 2015. But it doesn’t take obscene amounts of money to be among the wealthiest of the world’s 7 billion citizens. Once […]

How poor we really are

You what?!? The poor old bankers who nearly destroyed us all with the GFC, Libor and so many other dodgy deals are to be given another Get out of Jail Free card. Despite the blatant dishonesty so prevalent in the industry, some fool in the Government has decided to reduce their governance and shift the […]