The Only Country Run by a Government

The Only Country Run by a Government – Iceland. Bankers who are found guilty of market rigging, fraud and irresponsible lending should be imprisoned, a member of the Scottish Parliament has said. Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary Keith Brown said the UK should follow Iceland’s example of jailing corrupt financiers, rather than merely imposing fines, which […]

Now get that barbeque fired up

Butchers and cattle farmers must be furious. The headlines scream : “Meat increases your risk of colorectal cancer by 18%” Now the average punter thinks 18% plus some other percentage I don’t know – I am in deep trouble with the barbeque. What’s missing? Simple understanding – Increases. Yes, the baseline is increased by 18% For […]

Who to believe?

Coca-Cola has given millions of dollars to a group that promotes the idea that exercise, rather than a healthy diet, is the real key to weight loss. The soft drinks company has been accused of providing financial and logistical support to the Global Energy Balance Network (GEBN). Now we hear that meat is bad for us. Was […]

The Sharing Economy

News today that the home of cooking is up in arms over the Uber of dining – Vizeat. On one side is the warm fuzzies of a shared dining experience, saving money and meeting new people as these dinners are held in private homes – more like a dinner party with strangers. On the other […]

Nero fiddled

One of the most telling statistics that illustrated how badly the US and coalition partners were getting it wrong in the Middle East, Dr Dragovic said, was that people playing instruments in the US military band outnumbered those working at the US Agency for International Development, the agency that specialises in rebuilding countries.

The banks have no problem breaking the law

On April 10, 2006, Mexican authorities searched through a DC-9 jet at the  airport in Ciudad del Carmen. They found more than five tons of cocaine… valued at more than $100 million. If you’re like many Americans, you’re not surprised by a story like this. Not a year goes by without a few big media […]

We’ll have peace and bacon thanks.

Excuse me? Nice, kind, peaceful countries are offering safety, financial support and no war to Muslims from war torn regions of the World. So far so good. BUT… Twice this week we’ve read : Refugees suing the German government because their social security money was late (due to overload). Refugees demanding Denmark implement sharia law […]