What’s this all about?

This blog started as an outlet for my thoughts. There is no altruistic reason for it, no desire to engage with like minded people at all. I write what I think and believe. It is not supposed to be earnest philosophical writing. It is not supposed to be ‘Quality journalism’. If it is thought provoking […]

Peace in 25-50 years until someone wants a better iWatch and steals it.

I think the end of the year will bring people considering ‘Next year’ as it always does. The election probabilities will affect their thinking significantly. The picture is dire and can’t be buoyed by patriotism and talk so it’s a case of who loses confidence first. The smart money is gone ‘Planted’ overseas to grow […]

The poor will be left to rot.

A friend recently asked me for my thoughts on the USA’s demise and retirement planning. Here’s my reply : I would not invest in gold. I saw somewhere recently an analysis of the investment reasoning going forward. Gold used to be a store of value and an exchange medium. It will not fulfill those uses going forward […]


The FACTS : A five-year extension to drug patents could cost taxpayers an extra $1 billion, says New Zealand’s Labour party. The deal would likely see patent protection for some drugs extended beyond the current period – effectively about five years from introduction to the market The Misdirection : Groser said the Government had been “repeatedly […]